Waltham, in cooperation with Douglas Aircraft,

has developed the first ever twelve-minute mechanical clock.


We have taken our basic aircraft design and incorporated a tote hand

that revolves every twelve minutes vs. sixty seconds.

This allows pilots to better gauge the amount of time elapsed.

The stop, start and flyback of second and minute hands do not disturb the time of day.

The lever for adjusting rate is accessible without removing the clock from its case.

The clock contains an anti-magnetic, temperature compensated hairspring to insure accuracy.

Not affected by environmental extremes or system failures


Lighting: per Douglas Aircraft Company Spec. 7936766

Weight: 12 ounces maximum

Case Finish: Black anodize per MIL-A-8625 Type II, color no. 37038 or Federal Standard 595


 Jewels: 20-five more than required by military specifications to insure accurate performance

All Waltham mechanical aircraft clocks are domestically produced and are certified to conform to FAR#52.208-1. They contain domestic jewels.


Operation and Installation

    To wind clock, rotate winding knob in a clockwise direction until a stop is reached

    To set clock, pull winding knob out and rotate as required to set time of day hands. Knob will return to winding position when released.



    Pin A: 5 Volt AC or DC

    Pin B: Common Ground



    Connector: DTIH-10-6PN

    Custom Connectors Available

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