Waltham Aircraft Clock Corporation strives to offer unique services to all of our customers. We have specialized in manufacturing and servicing all types of aircraft clocks since 1982. Combining our years of experience, the abilities of our master clockmakers, and our commitment to customer satisfaction, WACC offers service unparalleled in the aircraft industry. Waltham is a small company where the telephone is still answered by a real person and calls are handled immediately. Quotes are processed in one business day, repairs are returned to customers within twenty-one days, and clocks are manufactured one at a time. Our trained clockmakers use time tested methods of clock making combined with state of the art equipment to produce the finest aircraft clock on the market today. WACC can repair one clock for your personal airplane or dozens of clocks for a fleet of fighters with the same precision and delivery. Listed below are other services offered to our customers:



Waltham is upgrading the lighting standards of various models of aircraft clocks to     meet   the stringent requirements of NVG lighting for military applications.


As the OEM, WACC is providing all spare parts and services to meet the standards of aerospace.


Our service department is equipped with "custom built" cleaning equipment and time     testing equipment manufactured by Vibrograf and Witschi.


Our inventory consists of over three million spare parts.


 WACC carries a large parts inventory for foreign manufactured clocks.


Waltham offers active storage for customer's assets as well as just in time delivery.


WACC offers low price maintenance contracts for airplane fleets .


Our service department offers full restoration and maintenance of all types of aircraft clocks including Lemania, Revue Thommen, Wakmann, and Aerosonic.


 WACC also has the capability to repair most quartz or electronic aircraft clocks.


Overhaul Kits: Gaskets, Oils, Screws, and Washers.


Overhaul Tools: Winding & let down key, Set of screwdrivers, and Oiler.

                                     2364 South US Hwy 231 Ozark, AL 36360 - USA                   Telephone: 334-774-3584  Fax: 334-774-7083